We specialized in treatment of injuries to the spine, joints,ligaments and muscles, the same day of the injury through our  Spine and Joint Clinic

Wellness Lab Screenings

You can have any lab test listed without a physician fee. Select your lab test and go to the lab listed. We will e mail your report. We recommend to check with your doctor any abnormal results. We don't provide medical advise or treatment. The lab test is for your information only. Your doctor  can explain the results and diagnosis. If you need treatment your doctor could make further recommendations. Your doctor should determine the best treatment for you.

Your blood test can be selected by  diagnosis,organ, system,panel or individually A_Z.

Example : Arthritis

This heading will take you to a panel of tests that will check for arthritis. If additional tests are recommended, select the test and you will be directed to the individual test to complete all the testing that may help to evaluate arthritis. Print your selections and take your slip to the lab recommended near your area. 

Lab Coats - Emergency Care

Our Clinic has been serving South Texas for over 15 years. 

We accept cash, credit cards or inssurance. If you are from out town cash payment is required